Nantucket™ window shadings


Nantucket™ window shadings, part of the Silhouette® window shadings collection, are unlike any other window fashion having the unique ability to transform harsh sunlight into gentle, diffused beauty - all while maintaining outside views and indoor privacy.


  • Lifetime Guarantee - * Please note: On Nantucket window shadings, the fabric vanes, not the sheer facings, are the element of the product that change fabric and color.

  • Transform Harsh Sunlight - Vanes and sheers combine to softly filter light.

  • Provide Ultraviolet Protection - Up to 88% ultraviolet protection with the vanes open, 99% when closed.

  • Enhance Natural Daylighting - Sheers disperse sunlight deep into the room, reducing the need for electric lights.

  • Preserve Outside Views - No cords or tapes run through the shading to obstruct outside views.

  • Secure Daytime Privacy - View to outside is clear while view from the street is obscured during the day.

  • Reflect Solar Heat - Exterior white sheer reflects the sun's heat.

  • Additional Benefits:

  • Enhance Child Safety

  • Offer Exclusive Lifting Systems

  • Roll Up and Away

  • Allow Precise Light Control

  • Eliminate Moire Effect

  • American Design and Craftsmanship

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