Silhouette® window shadings


Hunter Douglas created a whole new category of window fashions when launching Silhouette® window shadings with the signature S-vane. Silhouette® window shadings magically transform the look of a room by changing the harsh quality of exterior light into soft, radiant beauty.


  • Lifetime Guarantee -
    * Please note: On Silhouette window shadings, with the exception of the Matisse Collection, the fabric vanes, not the sheer facings, are the element of the product that change fabric and color.

  • Silhouette® window shadings with enhanced LiteRise® operation - An important advancement in cordless operation, our LiteRise® system was introduced on Silhouette® shadings with the new ability to manually tilt the vanes to manage light control. Silhouette® with LiteRise features cordless control that not only makes raising, lowering and tilting the shading especially easy, but also eliminates the need for cords of any kind rendering the product the ultimate choice for enhanced child safety.

  • Light control and privacy - Silhouette window shadings assure privacy and manage light beautifully. Vanes simply tilt to the precise angle to let in the perfect amount of desired light.

  • Save Energy - Nature lights any room! Daylighting efficiency is maximized by diffusing and dispersing sunlight throughout the room, which enables lights to be turned off and energy to be conserved.

  • UV protection - Silhouette window shadings provide unparalleled protection without compromising views. Customers will enjoy up to 88% ultraviolet protection with vanes open and 99% with vanes closed. Interior furnishings are shielded from direct sunlight preserving their beautiful qualities.

  • Style is of utmost importance - There are no cords or tapes to distract from the elegant appearance Silhouette shadings provide.

  • Dramatic View-Through - Silhouette's patented sheer facings provide an uncluttered view to the outside. The exclusive Quartette® four-inch vane size is the largest vane size on the market providing an even more spectacular view!

  • Selection - Customers can select from 240 color and fabric combinations - including the bold Matisse Collection® of colored sheers. Customers can also select from three vane sizes, as well as opt for one of five lifting systems, including the cordless LiteRise®, exclusive UltraGlide® or PowerRise® with Platinum™ Technology lifting systems for enhanced child and pet safety.

  • Mood setting - A unique ambiance is created when light is converted through the two fabric opacities Silhouette shadings offer; translucent or light-dimming vanes.

  • Durable - Silhouette shadings are made from 100% polyester fabrics. The woven and non-woven vanes are more durable than competitive knit vanes.

  • Colors - The Matisse Collection of colored sheers offers intensified colors by combining a colored fabric vane with a colored sheer facing. This bold look is only available with Silhouette window shadings.

  • Specialty Shapes - Silhouette shadings offer more specialty shapes than competitive brands.

  • Quality - Hunter Douglas window shadings have the highest quality standards on the market.

  • Color coordinated hardware is standard on all Hunter Douglas shadings.

  • Child Safety - Exclusive, revolutionary lifting systems such as the LiteRise®, Ultraglide® and PowerRise® lifting systems enhance child safety and ease-of-use.

  • Counterparts® - Because of their similarity in design and function, Silhouette window shadings and Luminette® Privacy Sheers have always been natural ''counterparts''. And in 2008 an even more enhanced coordinate was developed. Counterparts Refined is a program that offers superior color coordination between Silhouette window shadings and Luminette Privacy Sheers for select translucent fabrics and colors. The sheer face fabrics of each product are white. The vanes of each product feature a soft color. Coordinating colors share the same color name and SKU or item number.

  • Anti-moiré patent - Hunter Douglas window shadings hold an anti-moiré patent to ensure beautiful view-through to the outside.

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty - As with all Hunter Douglas window fashions Silhouette window shadings are backed by the exclusive Hunter Douglas Lifetime Guarantee.

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